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in a land of clear colors and stories

in a region of shadowless hours

asphalt daisies
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please, i beg you before joining to carefully read the list of interests for this community; for i feel that it is there that the heart of it is summed up. if in that list you see yourself, then feel free to join.

so, then, what are we about? we're simply ladies and gentlemen who love the beauty of life, the smile of familiar comforts, the everday extraordinary. we adhere to the idea that life is not a rehearsal - we must live it. we're not afraid to admit our inner child. we find beauty in everything we see.

but sometimes it's hard to be a puddle-jumper and a cloud-gazer and a day-dreamer, to be full of little-girl and little-boy wonder in a world that can so easily crush that. the day-to-days of life press us often to hurry, to work, to be so grown-up and such; and in and of themselves, these things are all right. but being such as we are, this can never be enough. we long to escape the confines of daily life in our society. we need fresh air and forests and oceans, tea-sets and puddles to jump in, stars to wish on, dreams to dream.

therefore, do so here. share your photographs, artwork, stories, poems, and songs. post your letters, experiences, and inspirations. make lists and observations. tell one another of the beautiful things you see and think. anything and everything - just remember the list of interests that so well describes us. remember that we are puddle-jumpers, wish-makers, star-catchers, that everything is beautiful and everyone is a story. whatever you post, keep it within that circle, for that's the purpose of this place.

we are flowers blooming from the asphalt. let's be marvelous.

some rules:
1. be considerate and polite. ladies and gentlemen. no coarse or crass words, no hateful comments, etc.
2. i ask that you keep the things you post at a PG-13 or lower rating; if it would be considered of a higher rating, please put it behind a cut and/or mention the content at the start of your post.
3. all images of high size must be behind a cut, as well as posts of great length. use your discretion and common sense; if there's an issue, i'll calmly let you know. we need to respect the speeds of everyone's connections, as well as the space on their friends page.
4. no arguments of any kind. peaceful, civil, calm debates will be tolerated if they happen to come up, but no-one should purposefully instigate a debate, as it is not the nature of this community.

above all, feel free and safe. we're here to share and be comfortable.
apologies for being long-winded,

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